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Can Dentures Prevent Bone Loss? Learn the Answer Here!

June 21, 2021

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Different types of dentures have been used for literally thousands of years. Thankfully, today’s prosthetics are much more comfortable, functional, and lifelike compared to dentures from the past. In fact, they’re still one of the most popular tooth replacement options. However, they only restore the visible portion of your smile – not the roots that connect to the jaw. Surprisingly, missing teeth can lead to bone loss, which is why you may be wondering, “Can my dentures help with my jawbone health?” Read on to get the answer!

First, How Missing Teeth Lead to Bone Loss

You may only see your pearly whites when you smile, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you may not know. Your jawbone supports your teeth, however your choppers return the favor by stimulating your jaw with their roots. This keeps the jaw fortified and sturdy. However, when you have missing teeth, the jaw loses some of the stimulation it was getting from the roots, causing it to slowly deteriorate. In fact, studies show that as much as 25% of the bone surrounding a missing tooth can be lost in just the first year after it’s gone.

Can Dentures help?

Dentures are made up of gum-colored bases that are attached to prosthetic teeth. They are made of durable resin, typically resting on top of the gums and relying on suction to stay in place. This solution is great when it comes to restoring your appearance, but dentures unfortunately cannot prevent jawbone loss. Some research even shows that dentures may speed up the deterioration process, which can cause those who wear prosthetics to find them loose or ill-fitting.

Dental Implants: The Superior Option

Unlike dentures, dental implants restore the teeth from the roots up, making them the only replacement option that is truly comprehensive. These artificial tooth roots are surgically placed in the jaw, giving your bone the stimulation it needs to stay healthy and strong. Dental implants fuse to the jaw to become a permanent part of your body that can last for decades with proper care. They are incredibly sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about sliding or slipping dentures. You’ll get to enjoy your life with a full, healthy jawbone thanks to implants. Plus, a strong jawbone keeps your facial appearance from becoming sunken or thin, making you look more youthful in the process!

Now that you know the truth about your dentures, it’s time to reclaim your healthy smile. Ask your dentist about dental implants to preserve your jawbone and grin with total confidence.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Eric Barajas has been caring for Chula Vista patients for over 3 decades. He has extensive training and education that allow him to offer dental implant placement and restoration at the same location. He takes pride in providing the longest-lasting, most lifelike tooth replacements. To schedule a consultation, he can be reached through his website or by phone at (619) 482-7367.

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